Furuno Marine radar


Furuno Dome – Model# 1731

Serial# 2371-2433

Display Type RDP-099

Ser. # 2371-2422

Serial# 2371-2433

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This was removed off a boat in working condition 2 days before hurricane sandy hit Long Island. It is complete with screen, canble, and dome

<li>7″ green, rectangular Daylight CRT display</li>
<li>Up to 13 user-select-able range scales from .25 to 24 n.m.</li>
<li>Linear receiver with 9 dB noise figure</li>
<li>Targets displayed in up to 8-level quantization</li>
<li>Automatic tuning</li>
<li>3 Pulselengths and P.R.R.’s</li>
<li>Echo Trails with selectable time intervals</li>
<li>Target entering or exiting, adjustable radar alarms</li>
<li>Independent A/C Rain- and Sea-Clutter controls</li>
<li>Echo Stretch and Interference Rejection features</li>
<li>Electronic Bearing Line and Variable Range Marker</li>
<li>Picture off-centering and Target Zoom modes</li>
<li>Trackball control of cursor mark for rapid information</li>
<li>Menu-driven operation and system setup</li>
<li>Power Economy mode</li>
<li>Innovative Watchman mode with selectable time intervals</li>
<li>On-screen display of navigation data</li>
<li>Waypoint Mark on-screen to assist in navigation</li>

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 21 in
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