Volvo Y Pipe 852846-9

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Volvo Y Pipe

Part # 852846-9

hard to Find

Only one available
Fits many AQ SP-A, DP-A, AQ205A, AQ175A
AQ200D, AQ200F, 280B, 290A, 290DP
<AQ225D, AQ225E, AQ225F, BB225A, BB225B, BB225C
AQ211A, DP-A, SP-A, 290A
AQ231A, AQ231B, 290A, DP-A, SP-A, 275A, 285A
AQ271A, AQ271B, AQ271C, AQ271D
AQ311A, AQ311B AQ260A, AQ260B, BB260A, BB260AV, BB260B, BB260C

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This new old stock Volvo Y Pip Part# 852846-9 is in great condition. This item is being sold out of our marine consignment shop. It is used but in good condition

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 8 × 36 in
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